[Gao Sanxue is unripe want much Bao what soup] how does the _ before _ the university entrance exam do –

Article introduction

We know tall the student learning pressure of 3 is bigger, those who be faced with the university entrance exam is big close, should spend a lot of idea to do a problem to follow everyday think, it is the alimental that needs to have a few filling heads more. And the food that suits Gao Sanxue to eat raw has soup of chop of soup of lean lean of almond dried mushrooms and carrot corn to wait, the key is to need to drink a cup of milk in the late evening, can promote Morpheus and alleviate fatigue, in the meantime, also want to notice to have campaign appropriately, can raise cerebrum think.

 Gao Sanxue is unripe want much Bao what soup

What boiling water is drunk before the university entrance exam best Gao Sansheng fills in the evening cerebral soup is optimal choice

Soup of lean lean of almond dried mushrooms

Raw material:

Pork 500 grams, xianggu mushroom 75 grams, almond 20 grams, ginger 10 grams.


Lean lean is abluent, dried mushrooms dip is sent, cut go the base of a fruit. Almond, ginger, red jujube (go nucleus) abluent. Lean lean, dried mushrooms, ginger, will red jujube puts clear water Bao inside, conflagration Bao boils. Change slow fire Bao 2 hours, flavor can.

 Gao Sanxue is unripe want much Bao what soup

Soup of wax gourd prawn

Feed capable person: Wax gourd 500 grams, prawn 8. Chopped green onion, cooking wine, salt, gourmet powderLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Each right amount


1, wax gourd flay cleans section.

2, sea shrimp is washedLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Clean hind go shrimp line. But need not flay.

3, boiler heat joins wax gourd into oil piece Qing Dynasty is fried, transfer into after salt, join Bai Shui, shrimp is joined after conflagration is boiled. After that small fire boils 20 minutes.

4, small sweet green is added after filling container.

The wrong method that drink boiling water

1, drink on Bao good horse

The soup with firm good Bao often very very hot, and a lot of people like to drink this kind of very hot boiling water unluckily however, think to drink go in warmer stomach warm body. Actually, mucous membrane of the person’s oral cavity, esophagus, stomach is highest can bear only 60Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Spent temperature, exceed this temperature to be able to cause mucous membrane scald even enteron mucous membrane is evil change, 50 degrees of the following soup are accordingly more appropriate.

 Gao Sanxue is unripe want much Bao what soup

2, drink Shang Qu ” broken bits “

Somebody has done a test, wait with fish, chicken, beef different after containing high protein to pledge the food of raw material is boiled 6 hours, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Look soup very thick already, but protein dissolve goes out rate have 6%-15% only, the protein that still has 85% above still stays in ” broken bits ” in. That is to say, no matter the time of Bao soup has how long, the flesh kind nutrition also cannot be finished deliquescent in Shang Li. After drinking boiling water so, eat even right amountNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
The flesh.

3, soup soak cooked rice in soup or water

Our mastication food, not only should will facilitate after food chew swallow, more important is to want by saliva food wet, and saliva is generation of ceaseless and masticatory food, there is a lot of assimilation in saliva enzymatic, the help is digested and can absorb, very beneficial to health. And soup soak cooked rice in soup or water because meal bubble soft, even if not masticatory also won’t affect deglutition, the digestive course that takes the food that go in to did not pass saliva toward contact so enters a stomach, this increased a burden with respect to the assimilation that gives a stomach, day one long, bring about gastric ministry easily unwell.

It what the university entrance exam eats in the evening is good that what the university entrance exam eats in the evening

1, a cup of warm milk

The nutrient value of milk is very high, the mineral sort in milk is very rich also, besidesA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Beyond the calcium with our hep place, the content of phosphor, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum is very much. Before sleeping one cup of milk returns conduce Morpheus.

2, fruit

Have bit of tomato, the apple is pretty good also, can reduce weight, embellish free is aperient, pear also is very good choice, washy, hurried is digested, still have banana, cucumber, jujube, holy female fruit, it is better to defecate that yangtao is waited a moment.

3, congee

Eat congee to save time already, flavour beautiful, shut-eye sleeps after be being drunk, wonderful, do not drink nevertheless too full, delicate and advisable.

Remind: Anteprandial drinking boiling water have profit very much, anteprandial it is OK to drink a bit boiling water esophagus of moist oral cavity, lubricate gastric mucous membrane, can rise to protect gastric mucous membrane, attenuant food, sufficient agitate and the effect that absorb nutrition.

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