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Everybody’s standard of living got rising now, can ask to taste not only on food, still can care about dish to taste oneself exceedinglyForum of Shanghai night net

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Good-looking, this namely the origin of lubricious fragrance completely, it is OK that a beautiful and good-looking dish is tasted appetite letting a person is big, dumpling this kind of food also is not exceptional, the malformation that dumpling wraps believes a lot of people is to won’t go of edible. So, howSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Does kind package go good-looking dumpling?

How does the package go good-looking dumpling

The first, how does the package go good-looking dumpling? Mix spice above all rise smooth, join flavoring, can add oneself to like appropriatelyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Eat, must not come by mine. Remember salt is not put too much, too salty influence mouthfeel. The skin takes out the dumpling that will get ready to be put on the hand, toward among add right amount dumpling stuffing. The finger that uses you at that time dips in to rinsed brim in dumpling skin, what can make dumpling skin better so is shut, when evaporate is boiled not easy let the cat out of the bag. Point to with the hand next first the intermediate agglutinate dumpling skin, mix with big toe then the horny agglutinate of forefinger general right. Then with finger will hollow of that part press downward, along brim agglutinate. Duplicate an operation, close completely till heal.

How does the package go good-looking dumpling

The 2nd, after right is operated, left also is similar move. After both sides has been wrapped, reoccupy finger is pressed gently press those who make dumpling skin is stuck some closer. After the package is nice, orderly put away is met particularly beautiful. Operate a few times more, very easy begin. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Skill comes from practice, dumpling wraps alsoShanghai noble baby

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The meeting is more and more good-looking. The containers esp. for use in the house that puts dumpling remembers dry oh, otherwise dumpling is put can stick, dumpling skin is defeated very easily. The dumpling that boil when if be afraid of dumpling skin shatter, a green can be added in boiler, evaporate dumpling when remember duration crossing flourishing, influence mouthfeel.

How does the package go good-looking dumpling

How does the package go good-looking dumpling? Take Pi Ping of a piece of dumpling to be put in control, the range that takes a few clear water to make an appointment with one finger beam down daub of dumpling skin periphery is touched in the bowl with another hand forefinger and middle finger. With the chopstick clip takes right amount dumpling stuffing to place in dumpling skin intermediate dry place, do not touch water district more than can. Hold intermediate position single-handed, another hand go up from the Xiang Bian intermediate ordinal hold a drape, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Detailed procedure looks the video tutorial of the article please. At the same time after drape is held, hold among according to go out and the drape with completely symmetrical across. (Such advantage has 2: One is beautiful; another is a contact the area is large, the dumpling that boil when not easy and diffuse) after dumpling has been wrapped, cannot not have unoccupied place put together. Because the water in stuffing sticks dumpling skin bate together,meet otherwise. The bag can place the cold storage in the drawer of urgent aspic room in freezer in order partly very much, when wanting to eat, take thoroughly cook directly but.

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