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Article introduction

Scamper beef is strung together is a very delicate cate, and scamper beef is strung together taste taste not only delicate, and nutrition also is richer, the method that adopts deepfry is made and scamper beef is strung together is become commonly, although,scamper beef is strung together delicious, but a lot of people do not meet him to make however, actually scamper beef strings together those who make sheet of dispute Chang Jian, what does the souse method that that blast beef strings together have? The method that scamper beef strings together introduces below.

 The souse method that scamper beef strings together

Be needed to feed capable person

Bovine buttock is pointed 250 grams (or tendinous child fleshy) , sesame-seed oil 40 grams, green Chinese onion 120 grams, egg 100 grams, flour 25 grams, soy 15 grams, sesame seed face 2 grams (bake good) , garlic mud 2 valve, white sugar 6 grams, peppery face 0. 5 grams, bright chili mud 3 grams, little worry 185 grams, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Rice meal 100 grams, the plant is oily 500 grams (real cost 50 grams) .

The method that make

1, first will arrogant buttock needle is abluent, film of clean muscle of get rid of, put freezer to freeze 2 hours.

2, the thick flesh that takes out aspic beef to cut 6 millimeter piece, change 5 millimeter to grow again piece.

3, mud of face of sesame-seed oil, soy, sesame seed, garlic, white sugar, peppery face and chili are put in china bowl mud, harmonic mix divide evenly, put bovine sliced meat, catch divide evenly, bloat inside flesh of infiltration of be soiled tasty.

4, cut dawdle into wide, little worry but everything two half, flay of green Chinese onion, leaf, abluent, take big very light blue, cut what grow into 5 centimeters.

5, again bovine cutlet, big very light blue, dawdle wear by order go up in bamboo autograph, the autograph that be like bamboo is too long, but take out a bit, the head that bamboo signs should cut light, wear rise to just go to the lavatory quickly.

6, string together the beef that has done touch one level pink, put into the egg that has laid to hang paste again.

7, vegetable oil is put inside scamper boiler, heat, wait not fumy when advisable, right now, chase put beef to string together only, scamper ripe fish out, general every one side should part scamper 2, 3 minutes, after been do, distribute rice meal one case edible, can.

 The souse method that scamper beef strings together

Often take the advantage of beef

1, beef contains a lot ofmethyl aminoacetic acid

The methyl aminoacetic acid in beef1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Content is higher than any other food, this makes it right growth muscle, enhance power particularly effective. The head that having training a few1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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In second, methyl aminoacetic acid is the source of muscle fuel, it can complement effectively adenosine of 3 phosphoric acid, make training can hold to more for a long time thereby.

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2, beef contains vitamin B6

Our body nutrition is little not protein, and protein demand is bigger, the battalion nurturance of the vitamin B6 that should increase more in food is divided. Many vitamin B6 is contained inside the nutrition of beef, can help you enhance immune power, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, conduce to what insecurity trains body of the back of a person restoring thereby.

 The souse method that scamper beef strings together

3, beef contains fleshy toxin alkaline

Poison of the flesh in chicken, cruelly oppress is alkaline the content with methyl aminoacetic acid is very low, beef however content is very high. Fleshy poison is alkaline basically use at supporting adipose metabolism, generation pays chain amino acid, it is pair of body building member a kind of of main effect amino acid since growth muscle.

4, beef contains potassium and protein

Potassium is lacked quite in most athlete food1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Mineral. Small conference controls the standard of potassium protein synthesis and grow the generation of hormone, affect sarcous to grow thereby. Fall in love with the sea

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Protein contains a lot ofin beef: 4 ounce thin tenderloin can produce the protein with 22 top-ranking grams.

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