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Although say to be pregnant,period is the female wants special him attention a period of the body, during its are really confined, female friends also should notice his body likewise, the body after such ability are helpful for be being produced restores as soon as possible. Xianggu mushroomShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The chicken that stew is dish of a the daily life of a family, it is shirt-sleeve the little taste of the fragrance of Xianggu mushroom and chicken, so the Xianggu mushroom chicken that stew is the dish of completely of a lubricious fragrance. But can the puerpera eat Xianggu mushroom to stew chicken during confinement in childbirth?

 Can confinement in childbirth eat Xianggu mushroom to stew chicken

The puerpera can eat Xianggu mushroom to stew chicken, nutrition is rich, can fill greatly to the body, enhance immune power, because just was born,be over child body is frailer.

Summer is confined dietary principle

1. eats much food less

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The face should follow the principle that eats much food less, be sure to keep in mind not to eat and drink too much. Because the body of new mother is returned during confinement,be very frail, the function of intestines and stomach has not restored completely. What if be in,eat and drink too much to cause intestines and stomach very easily right now is unwell, cause indigestion.

2. do not be carried feed, partiality for a particular kind of food

When a lot of new mother are doing month of confinement after giving birth to a child, meeting partial eclipse is to carry even feedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, it is insalubrious so, must element of meat or fish is tie-in, food sort wants much, nutrition just is met more comprehensive. Besides coarse food grain also is postpartum one of optimal food, it has the aid digestion of peristalsis of stimulative intestines and stomach, side, effect that prevents constipation. (Food grains other than wheat and rice basically is to point to red bean of pink of millet, oaten, corn flour, unpolished rice, standard, bare, gram to wait. On the choice, chicken, duck, pig, sheep, beef also is being changed as far as possible eat, make sure alimental is varied. )

 Can confinement in childbirth eat Xianggu mushroom to stew chicken

3. eats digestible food

Flow partly feeding is food of very easy digestive. The rice congee that for instance we often eatShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, the food such as egg a thick soup. These food are softer, better digest. Additional, new mother can drink boiling water of fish of a few crucian carp inside confinement ah or the filling soup of lactescence of a few conduce.

4. satisfies nutrient requirement

Postpartum very big to the demand of calcic, iron, need attention complements in time these microelement, the new mother that is aimed at anorexia should ensure everyday a few food while, add ~ some the food that contains iron of blood red element, if animal blood or liver, fish, lean lean, cole, spinach reachs legume to wait, these food can match together eat, too drab also won’t1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Cause the appetite of new mother.

Contain a lot ofin fresh vegetable and fruit rich vitamin, mineral the prandial fiber that reachs full amount, sea alga can offer right amount iodine, these food are not fat good absorb, also be the food that most new mother prefers, and can prevent constipation, stimulative lactescence, increase appetite, still can offer indispensible nutriment, be ” confined ” indispensable good food.

 Can confinement in childbirth eat Xianggu mushroom to stew chicken

5. avoid eats food of fat, salty, raw or cold food

Confinement eat is best with delicate give priority to, avoid too stodge. Fat food not only go against digest and eat much grow the flesh very easily, gain flesh, have the risk that causes high blood pressure even. Salty salt is contained in feeding more, cause natrium of the water inside puerpera body easily to collect smooth, cause dropsy. Summertime confinement in childbirth, the puerpera is met sometimes some eat food of raw or cold food, wait like ice-cream, freezing beverage and dish of cold and dressed with sause, but postpartum and premature edible these food, can affect not only tooth and digestive function, injure taste easily still, go against lochia eduction.

Answer so avoid eats food of fat, salty, raw or cold food, oil had better be put less when making recipe for new mother, put condiment less, with be being given priority to simply.

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