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Egg bubble boiled water can be used when there is disease of a lot of lives in the life in us drink water of a cup of egg, actually this kind of practice is very unscientific, because have what the chicken that a few eggs are not health is born, a few bacterias may exist inside them, these bacterias to human body dispute often has harm, and1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Return inside the egg of manufacturer of a few frame-up compasses butLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Can meet put in a few helminth, how should this moment do?

Does unripe egg have helminth

Of clearly, the bright egg of about 10% contains pathogenic bacteria, mould or helminth egg. Some parents add candy to be drunk to the child to the egg with boiled water, because the bacteria in the egg and helminth egg cannot be killed completely, cause diarrhoea and verminosis easily. If there is salmonella in the egg, still can cause bromatoxism. Discover recently, the likelihood on egg carapace contains bowel to give coliform organisms of courage and uprightness, although bacterium quantity is few, if lay an egg, also enough causes bromatoxism. Civilian somebody treats children constipation with the method that eats unripe egg, cannot treat constipation already, still can passForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The arched worm that the cultivate that catch a person has in all is ill. This kind of disease comes on urgenter, all over each organ all is caused pathological change almost by the encroachment of arched bug, serious person still can cause death.

Does unripe egg have helminth

Accordingly, the egg must be thoroughlied cook eat, in order to eat evaporate egg best, unfavorable develop an egg with boiled water, cannot eat unripe egg more.

The egg has a way varied, with respect to nutrition1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Absorb will tell with digestive rate, coddle is 100% , fry an egg for 97% , tender blast is 98% , old flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is 81. 1% , boiled water, milk is to the egg 92. 5% , eat raw for 30% ~ 50% . From this for, the egg that boil is first-rate has a way, can exterminate the helminth in the egg and bacterium effectively. But should notice to nibble slow pharynx, meeting influence is absorbed and digest otherwise. Nevertheless, to children, still be beautiful soup of evaporate egg a thick soup, egg suits most, because these two kinds of practices can make protein pine is solved, be digested extremely easily to absorb by children. Attention: Tea egg should eat less, because acidification material is contained in tea, with1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The iron element in the egg is united in wedlock, can have stimulative effect to the stomach, affect the digestive function of gastric bowel.

Does unripe egg have helminth

Small today make up opposite there is helminth in the egg had simple introduction, the food safety knowledge of to how preventing the helminth in food and other provision pollution little knowledge, the hope is right you are helped somewhat

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