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From clinical in light of, kidney empty patient is increasing, affect normal life and work badly, must have treatment actively. Kidney empty can rely on to medication, also can be treated likewise with dietotherapy method, bread of food of C of seafood, garlic, tall vitamin, whole wheat, green tea, have pretty good filling kidney effect.

What food does kidney empty eat to you can fill?

1, seafood

Seafood can enhance function power, many zinc is contained in male seminal fluid, when the zinc inside body is insufficient, can affect the amount of spermatozoon and quality. Seafood kind the zincic content of medium oyster, shrimp, crab is very rich.

2, garlic

Garlic has strong antiseptic power, can eliminate invade the bacteria inside body. Garlic can promote the absorption of vitamin B1, the metabolism of stimulative saccharide in order to produce the sources of energy, eliminate exhausted1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The function that cannot ignore enhances immune power namely. The Selenium that contains in garlic changes lead to have fight oxidation, because this is regarded as,prevent cancerous food. The male feeds garlic more ameliorable constitution is strong personally.

What food does kidney empty eat to you can fill?

3, tall vitamin C food

The male is after 30 years old of spermatozoon be in with the quantity character downhill, the spermatozoon that vitamin C can let ageing once more red-blooded. The food of tall vitamin C has bizarre fruit, orange, green cauliflower, asparagus to wait. Vitamin C can assist the exudation of adrenal coriaceous element, can defy pressure.

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What food does kidney empty eat to you can fill?

4, completely wheat bread

Want antagonism pressure, vitamin of B a group of things with common features is very important. Include acid of vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid, nicotinamide to wait among them, can maintain neurological stability, increase the metabolization of energy, conduce to antagonism pressure. Complete cereal food is like rice of whole wheat bread, unpolished rice, embryo to wait, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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A group of things with common features vitamin. Whole wheat bread is compound sex carbohydrate, OK and slow release energy, have calm effect, make the person is loosened, not nervous.

5, green tea

Green tea contains a lot ofthe vitamin C that black tea place does not have. Vitamin C is the nutriment that place of precautionary cold, moist skin cannot lack. The glutamic acid that prevents ageing is contained a lot ofin green tea, carryFall in love with the sea

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The Tian Dong of tall immunity force is ammoniac acid, alimentary the amino acid of powerful body, have the diuresis, effect that removes pressure. The caffein that life-giving effect still has in green tea, fall the yellow ketone compound of blood pressure.

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