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Article introduction

The main raw material that violet potato zhongzi is staple food of a kind of commonner the daily life of a family is violet potato and polished glutinous rice, among them a few complementary makings such as oily white sugar of Zong leaf edible also are special need, content of nutrition of this kind of alimental is very much, especially violet potato contains selenium element and cyanine element, the practice introduces below.

 What is the practice of violet potato zhongzi?

Dichotomy bell is boiled to be scooped in boiling water of 1. Zong Xie Fang rinse clean1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, such rupture not easily

 What is the practice of violet potato zhongzi?

Flay of 2. violet potato is cut piece put the evaporate in boiler is ripe

The violet potato with good evaporate 3. is pressed into mud, add right amount white sugar and ripe oil to mix Cheng Zi potato stuffing

 What is the practice of violet potato zhongzi?

4. holds violet potato stuffing each small group written complaint

5. green sago hits wet drop to work with water reserve, should not immerse

6. takes two Zong leaf to cut go a ministry, one before one hind jackknife is together, shape of roll into funnel, load a fewShanghai noble baby

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Green sago, put group of stuffing of a violet potato, build a green sago again, use ladle squeezing ramming

7. presses the Xie Bian that press Zong with finger, will aboveForum of Shanghai night net

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Zong Xie She comes down to cover rice expects, both sides knuckle, press the Zong leaf of close both sides with finger, the Zong page that grows folds an edge to go up instead, it is good to use cotton thread colligation zhongzi

The zhongzi that 8. has wrapped puts bowl in in conflagration evaporate 20 minutes can.

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