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Medlar is the commonner Chinese traditional medicine in daily life material, having very main effect to the health of human body, because this is very much,the person likes to eat medlar to perhaps boil congee, make tea to wait with medlar particularly. Actually everybody does not suit to eat medlar, there are 4 kinds of crowds not to suit to eat medlar in the life, everybody must know.

What person is unfavorable eat medlar?

 One, the person that does not suit to eat medlar

1, the person of the constitution that heat up a gender

There is the effect of tepid body while medlar is nourishing, there is damp and hot to reach inside body so phlegmy wet in the person of block, expression is hypertensive, disposition impatient love gets angry, ferial li of person that eat the meat in great quantities and is full of glow, and the cold has a fever, the person that the body has inflammation, diarrhoea, had better not eat, otherwise not only effect of short of preserve one’s health, return may aggravating illness. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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What person is unfavorable eat medlar?

2, taste weakling

Next, the person with frail, dyspeptic taste, should not be in burning hot summer eat medlar, can appear otherwise appetite drops, gastral cavity covers tightly completely or spit the phenomenon such as acerbity water.

3, sexual desire excited person

Again, the effect of essence of beneficial of medlar filling kidney is apparent, folk circulates have ” gentleman1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Travel a thousand li, not feed medlar ” adage; Modern research shows medlar has stimulant nerval effect, can enhance sexual function, the person of usually eroticism is unfavorable take.

What person is unfavorable eat medlar?

4, diabetic person

Additional, medlar contains sugar the volume is higher, unfavorable excessive takes the diabetic.

Medlar suits constitutional weakling to take

Medlar is had protect liver, fight exhaustion, combat the effect such as consenescence, can enhance immune power, fit strength weakling of low, body is taken. Generally speaking, the person with immune low power all can eat all the year round.

2, the effect of 10 great merit of medlar

1, protect liver, fight fatty liver

Medlar has the effect that protects liver filling kidney, can restrain adipose deposit inside liver cell, promote the new life of liver cell.

2, bright look

Medlar contains the indispensible nutrition of the healthy eye such as the calcium such as rich carotene, vitamin A1, B1, B2, C, iron, reason is good at bright eye, so common says ” bright eye child ” . Deficient empty of shade of inadequacy of blood of liver of therapy of home of past dynasties cure, kidney causes look matter dim-sighted with nyctalopia, often use medlar.

3, fight cancer

Medlar is right of cancer cell generate and diffuse have apparent inhibition, solid now1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Check and the result that clinical applying make clear, medlar leaf acting tea constant drink, can rise significantly and improvement is old person, weak and sick person the immune function with tumor patient and physiology function, have strong human body and the effect that delay consenescence. Cooperate to change cure to cancer patient, have reduce poisonous side effect, prevent leucocyte to decrease, adjust the curative effect such as immune function.

4, fight fatigue

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A surname child the reservior amount that can increase flesh glycogen, liver glycogen significantly, enhance human body vigor, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Have the effect that combats exhaustion.

5, fight anile

Medlar whole body is treasure, medlar contains a lot ofa variety of nutrition composition such as C of medlar albumen polysaccharide, vitamin, phosphor, iron, can fill empty lays seed, with will be used as medicine or wine of make tea, bubble, stew, be like can often drinkable, can improve the health. The leaf of medlar, flower, root also is classy cate cordial. One of active ingredient that contain a lot ofin medlar peel medlar polysaccharide (LBP) have apparent buildup to index of immunity of medullary hematopoiesis function and each cell action, can raise what airframe blood, liver and flesh organize to exceed oxidation branch to change apparently enzymatic (SOD) active content, what be helpful for active oxygen thereby is cleared, defer consenescence and fight exhaustion.

6, raise immunity force

Edible medlar is OK Fu Zhenggu is mixed originally help up cowardly evil, not only enhance airframe function, stimulative health restores, and the disease-resistant capacity that can increase airframe, resist the enroach on of ill evil. Enhance the airframe suiting to all sorts of harmful stimulation ability.

7, fall blood sugar

Because medlar contains the ramification of guanidine, can reduce blood sugar, because this medlar is OK,taste as the health care of diabetic person.

8, hairdressing skin

It is OK that a lot of people do not know to often eat medlar hairdressing. Because,this is, medlar can raise the skin to absorb oxygen to divideA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Ability, additional, still can have beautiful white effect. Medlar has apparent curative effect to psoriasis, right some otherer the curative effect that dermatosis also has different rate.

9, filling kidney

Medlar is the optimal choice of Gu Jin preserve one’s health, have the meritorious service of the prolong life. Home of past dynasties cure is emphasized at the action of nourishing liver kidney of medlar, latter-day people had farther knowledge to the chemical composition of medlar and pharmacodynamics action, in clinical on enlarged its scope of application.

10, fall blood pressure

Use medlar to be able to reduce serum cholesterol and the content of 3 acyl glycerine significantly, reduce and prevent arteriosclerosis, cure is hypertensive. The good health care that is person of coronary heart disease is tasted.

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