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Article introduction

Food is no-no:

Should avoid drink strong tea, coffee, wine kind wait; Eat easy generation less to bilge angry food, be like the potato, yam, onion, soya bean that boil to wait

Nutrition and food need to notice:

1 edible flows feed

ToAcute gastritis. Should purify pathogeny, lie in bed rests, abstinence all food and drink that have stimulation to the stomach or medicaments, take into consideration the circumstances abstinence or give stream feed, to having the person that bleed, give hemostatic cure.

2. diet is coarse with excitant food

Diet is excellent beyond the mark and too too hot, salty, overheat, coarse and excitant strong food. Like deepfry food, bloat dried meat food, chili, garlic. Without giving thought to orange kind products of fruit juice, tomato, coffee, wine kind and the food that all meetings stimulate esophagus directly can cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, you had better avoid edible.

3. avoids fast adipose food

Fast adipose food, wine, saccharide, chocolate can make constrictor is loosened, cause circumfluence, so if you have the symptom of brash, should avoid these food.

Aid digestion of slow pharynx of 4. to nibble

To nibble slow pharynx is absolutely to digesting helpful, you should be thoroughly masticatory food, make food mixes adequately with saliva, avoid to have pressure when have dinner, can make your digestive action has a good beginning.

5. food has the law

Notice food recuperates conserve, regular ground times ration takes food, in order to maintain the section keep under control of normal digestive activity. Must not be hungry full pause or do not have breakfast, should avoid to eat and drink too much especially.

6. notices nutrition is balanced

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Food should choose food of delicacy of rich nutrition, digestible to give priority to, eat more contain the food with vegetable protein, much vitamin. You can eat grandma of congee of the chestnut that thoroughly cook, rice, sheep, acerbity breast, white cheese, milk opening phenanthrene. If the symptom is serious, eat food of a few soft, for example pear of rice water, cheese, banana, potato, pumpkin kind. Will all vegetable mashs, again cook. Now and then, eat the vegetable with a few hot evaporate, for example red turnip, carrot and green cauliflower.

7. a few much food

Above of a day of 3 eat, for instance 6 small eat, want you to feel comfortable to go only. The avoid before sleeping takes food, food is unfavorable and overmuch too full, lest gastric antrum ministry is outspread excessive and the exudation that adds hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.

8. increases cellulose absorb

Edible contain contains fibrous food. Fiber is considered as to refuse cancerous class status, food and drink of edible tall fiber can reduce duodenum ulcer to produce an opportunity likewise. Fiber is thought to be able to be promoted stick albumen to secrete, stick albumen to be able to protect duodenum mucous membrane.

9. control waters

The person that hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is lacked, avoid is diluent gastric juice. The appropriate in food joins vinegar, lemon juice, acidity to flavor brilliant, eat less to bilge indigestibly, easily angry food. Anteprandial reach meal hind to drink water less as far as possible.

10. drinks dish juice

Fresh cabbage juice contains a lot ofstimulative generation to stick the amine of cereal ammonia acyl that albumen cell grows, be beneficial to protective stomach mucous membrane. After dish juice is made, drink instantly below, not keep in storage. Spend much patient to hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, one cup can be drunk when gastralgia, with attenuant hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.

11. drinks milk less

Long-term since, milk is regarded as buffer of admirable hydrochloric acid in gastric juice all the time, but it although but temporary amortize hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, but later, the calcium in milk and protein meeting stimulate more hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, make a stomach more uncomfortable; Almond grandma is pretty good substitute.

12. does not take iron to pledge complement is taken

If you have gastritis, take iron to pledge fill-in may be caused serious queasy. Iron is gastric exciter character.

13. compensatory nutriment

① vitaminB12

Dosage explains according to the product, chronic gastritis is possible as a result of the vitaminB12Lack and cause anemia.

② vitaminEReach zinc

VitaminEEveryday400IU, gradual. Zinc everyday50-80Milligram, they can increase the generation that sticks albumen, protective stomach mucous membrane and acetanilide.

③ aloe juice

Everyday120cc, it can be acetanilide reach recover from an illness quickly.

④ protein resolves ferment demand

Use between two eat, decompose remain the food at colon, help reduce inflammation. Attention: Do not use the brand that contains hydrochloric acid.

⑤ vitaminAEmulsion or capsule

Dosage5000IU, fall after a month to2500IU. Protect gastric mucous membrane, the help recovers from an illness.

14. stops with ginger painful

Ginger is Indian takes remedial intestines and stomach bowel of unwell, stomach bilges the tradition of the inflammation defect such as gas and arthritis is formulary. Jiang Fenke achieves the effect that makes a stomach quiet. The weight that takes every time arrives in half teaspoon about between one teaspoonThe weight that takes every time arrives in half teaspoon about between one teaspoonCome 2 gramsCome 2 grams, if be necessary, can take everyday.

Food recuperates a method:

1, hold at ordinary times dine quantity, cannot much because of the food of be fond of eat, must eat much food less, reduce gastric ministry burden to be a principle.

2, the food that avoids to take food to have strong stimulation to gastric mucous membrane and medicines and chemical reagents, wine of avoid of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. Notice dietetic hygiene, prevent to eat and drink too much.

3, eat less to reach coarse food tartly, take stimulating to gastric bowel medicaments less to wait.

4, eat more delicate fluidity, semifluid first, be like rice water, congee, fresh fruit juice, raise a few protein food gradually, but avoid food of fat, deepfry, and beginning eat appropriate a few, after function of line of bowel waiting for a stomach restores, just begin normal food, notice to rest.

Stomach trouble feeds therapeutics

The food of chronic gastritis is treated

(1)The attention eats appliance nourishing food.

Eat some of high protein food and tall vitamin food more, all sorts of nutriment that assure airframe are enough, prevent anaemia and hidebound, mix to anaemia hidebound person, answer to raise the food that contains a lot ofprotein and iron of blood red element in food, wait like lean lean, chicken, fish, liver, waist splanchnic. The food of tall vitamin has brunet fresh vegetable and fruit, wait like greenery vegetable, tomato, aubergine, red jujube. Every eat is the most delicious2~3Fresh hawkthorn, in order to stimulate the exudation of gastric juice.
Notice edible soda acid is balanced.

Secrete when hydrochloric acid in gastric juiceOvermuchWhen, can drink milk, soya-bean milk, take steamed bread or bread in order to counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, secrete when hydrochloric acid in gastric juiceDecreaseWhen, can use fruit of condensing broth, chicken broth, acidulated or fruit juice, in order to stimulate the exudation of gastric juice, help aid digestion, want to avoid to cause abdomen to bilge to enrage and contain the food with more fiber, wait like legume, bean products, cane sugar, celery, leek. When sufferring from atrophic sex gastritis, Appropriate drink yoghurt, because of the phosphatide in yoghurt kind material is met closely adsorption is on gastric wall, to action is being protected since gastric mucous membrane, make the gastric mucous membrane that already got hurt gets repair, the lactic acid that the place of peculiar composition lactose catabolism in yoghurt produces and dextrose aldehydic acid can raise the acidity inside the stomach, restrain harmful bacterium to decompose protein to produce toxin, make the stomach spares at the same time of toxin erode, be helpful for treat and restoring of gastritis.
When bacteriophage of profess to convinced treats disease of certain inflammation sex,

Should at the same time drinkable yoghurt, complemented namely nutrition, avoided the side effect that antibiotic produces to human body again, because many active bacili is contained in yoghurt, the alvine path bacterium that can make antibiotic medicaments is caused group maladjusted phenomenon recovers a balance, protected gastric mucous membrane at the same time.

Unwell to chronic stomach bowel, basically notice the following:

1, daily dine time ration is full nevertheless; If conditional, best a few much food, everyday5-7Eat.

2, avoid mechanical sex and chemical sexual excitement to cross strong food, mechanical sexual excitement increases pair of mucous membrane loss, destroy protective screen of gastric mucous membrane, If dish of coarse food grain, celery, leek, snow, bamboo shoot reachs dry fruit to wait; Chemical sexual excitement can increase hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, stimulate gastric mucous membrane, Wait like coffee, strong tea, firewater, thick broth.

Contraindication produces acerbity food easily, like pachyrhizus, potato, cross dessert and sweet-and-sour food to wait; Produce gas food easily, if give birth to oil of green, unripe garlic, unripe turnip, garlic, onion to wait; Give birth to content of cold drinks and snacks, be like a large number of cold drink, cold mix dish; Solid food, wait like flesh of bacon, ham, banger, mussel; Intense dressing, if pepper, curry powder, mustard, chili is oily,wait.

3, choice nutrition value is high, delicate digestible balance is prandial, wait like milk, egg, soya-bean milk, fish, lean lean, make via machining cook its changeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Digest delicacy is easily, do not have stimulation to gastric bowel; Enough heat energy, protein and vitamin complement in the meantime.

4, anthology contain a lot ofBA group of things with common features vitamin, vitaminAWith the vitaminCfood; Staple food is given priority to with cooked wheaten food.

5, cook method. Can choose evaporate, boil, quick-boil, soft burn, the cook method such as braise, stew, unfavorable with panbroil, scamper, explode fry, vinegar is smooth, cold mix wait for treatment food.

6, other, when taking food, answer pleasurable, to nibble slow pharynx, with benefit at digesting; According to oneself prandial habit, make up goluptious meal; The food with supply delicacy, little crude fibre.

The dietotherapy method of gastralgia:
Gastralgia, The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine calls gastral cavity painful, belong to digestion disease. Cause the main reason with painful gastral cavity to have: Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Ill evil makes a stomach, outside experiencing cold; Surfeit raw or cold food or flavour of fat Gan Hou, or eat and drink too much etc; Care is thought of angry, obstruction of the circulation of vital energy hurts liver, liver breaks sparse release, circulation of vital energy in the wrong direction makes a stomach; It is the element such as tired of food, fatigue moreover long hurt taste, empty of inadequacy of the gas in bringing about, taste is cold. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is pressedDifferentiate card is applied treatDifferentiate card is applied treatprinciple, administer a law to different disease each different, can choose square treatment according to the illness.
Dietotherapy square

1. Xian Jiang3~5Piece, brown sugar is right amount, in order to roll bubble of boiled water make tea, take the advantage of hot drink to take, small sweat is taken after taking. Apply toAlgidity makes a stomachgastralgia.

2. Green Chinese onion3~4Paragraph, ginger3~5Piece, white peppery face is right amount, develop bubble with boiled water; Or on fire the green that boil, Jiang Pian is engraved, a few salt can be added to flavor when taking, put peppery face again, take the advantage of hot drink soup. Because of,apply toFeeling catch a cold catch a cold is coolgastralgia

3. Rice100Can, beef is loose25Gram (or other dried meat floss) . Cook rice congee with constant law, join dried meat floss smooth, take the advantage of heat to use feed. Apply toTaste empty is coldThe gastralgia of be caused by.


The dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of acute gastroenteritis
Acute gastroenteritis is the acute inflammation of gastric bowel mucous membrane. Send Yu Xiaqiu season more. Above spits abdomen of next have diarrhoea, Wan to be main and clinical symptom sorely. Limits of vomiting, have loose bowels is belonged to in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks thisShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Ill happening, the evil with department wet suffer from heatstroke or catch a cold catch a cold of corrupt cool feeling are wet, fat be bored with of surfeit raw or cold food, as a result injures taste, carry is changed wrong and cause disease.
Dietotherapy square:

1. ? Fresh lotus root1000~1500CanAbluent, the dolly after boiled water is hot takes juice, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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With boiled water take medicine with water, everyday 2Second take; Or use a bright lotus root500Can, ginger50Can, abluent chop, with disinfection gauze is wrung take juice, with boiled water take medicine with water.

2. ? Rice60Can, arenaceous benevolence delicate last stage5Can, add rice water to boil congee, wait for ripe hind transfer into arenaceous benevolence end, again boil1~2After leaving can, morning and evening is taken.

3. ? Little potato100Can, ginger10Can, extract juice, add fresh orange juice30Milliliter is smooth, will iron in cup exothermic water lukewarm, daily take30Milliliter.

4. ? Corn core750Can, huang Bai6Can, do ginger6Can, grind in all delicate last stage, daily3Second, every time3Can, warm boiled water sends take.


The dietotherapy principle of stomach trouble
1, should avoid chemistry and physics excitant too strong food, If condense broth, flavor, firewater, strong tea, strong coffee and too sweet too salty cross acid to cross hot food; Hard or the food that contains crude fibreEtc. These food or spur cankerous activity; Or exciting ulcer bleeds, heal to achieving a face answer very adverse, answer so careful edible.
, daily and prandial should contain enough protein, vitaminC, AAndB1. These important nutriment provide helpful rehabilitate to injure the action of organization and heal of stimulative ulcer face. To counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, peristalsis of slow down stomach and stomach are secreted, but tipple milk, soya-bean milk, Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Cheese. This kind of food has counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and benefit at hemostatic action.
, eat leaven dough food more. These food can attenuant hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, can counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice again, mix to shelter ulcer focus of a disease stimulative heal is very advantageous.
, food of avoid tall grease. Fat flavour is thick, decoct blast food can stimulate cystic systole, decelerate a stomach to discharge empty speed, make food stops inside the stomach, cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete grow in quantity.
, should eat much food less. Daily4-5Second advisable, had avoided crop failure too full; To nibble slow pharynx, can reduce gastric burden.
, anteprandial half hours do not drink water, meal hind does not drink water one hour.

Gastritis is in the note of dietary respect

(1) avoid food does not have the rule: The dietary in principle of gastritis should delicate, small to stimulation of gastric mucous membrane give priority to, but be not delicate food to be able to alleviate the patient’s symptom. Should with dietary rule, do not cross be hungry too full, feed much food less to be a principle. Especially aged put oneself in another’s position is weak, the person that gastric bowel function drops, daily with45Eat is beautiful, every time with 67 into full had better. Candy, adipose, protein scale notices in food, notice the body such as the vitamin is indispensible the content of nutriment. 

(Wine of 2) avoid smoke stimulates food tartly: Alcohol can be deliquescent the lipoprotein layer with gastric epithelial mucous membrane, have bigger harm to gastric mucous membrane, people is smoking moment, the harmful material in aerosol, dissolve and adhere to in oral cavity, guttural ministry, enter a stomach along with deglutition inside, these harmful material also have to gastric mucous membrane very big damage. Accordingly, patient of urgent, chronic gastritis, must wine of give up smoke, lest accentuate illness, cause even malign change. 

Chili, food or the beverage such as mustard, peppery, strong tea, coffee, cocoa, have stimulative effect to gastric mucous membrane, can make mucous membrane congests, aggravating inflammation, also answer give up. 

(3) avoid super-cooling, hot, good food: Pass cool food and drink, maneating hind can cause gastric spasm, the mucous membrane inside the stomach is vasomotor, go against inflammation subsidise; The food of overheat and beverage, the meeting after be being fed is direct the mucous membrane inside scald or exciting stomach. The food of gastritis patient should soft hard measurable, the vegetable of too hard and coarse food, crude fibre, with panbroil the food of scamper or barbecue, can accentuate after edible mechanical digestive burden of the stomach, make grind and gastric mucous membrane is injured, the phlogistic sex pathological change of aggravating mucous membrane. 

(4) avoid is feculent food: Gastritis patient wants special attention dietetic hygiene, especially the summer, eat melon and fruit raw to want abluent, do not eat degenerative food. Because be polluted,many bacterium and bacterial toxin are contained in degenerative food, have to gastric mucous membrane destroy effect directly. Put in the food inside freezer, must burn ripe boil after appearing, eat again, if discover metamorphism, want to throw away stoutly, prohibit edible. ?

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