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A lot of things have two sides sex, just advantages and disadvantages the problem of size. Drink tea advantageous to the body, but if drink bad time, so, can be opposite the body is harmful. Drink tea below best escape 4 time paragraph, because they are,drink the black period of time of tea.

4 " black period of time " drink tea most injury body (1)

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Because the alkaloid such as coffeine is contained in tea, hollow drink tea to make alvine path absorbs theine easily overmuch, fromSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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And the symptom that can make certain person produces hyperfunction, be like flustered, dazed, hands or feet suddenly of faint, mind1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Huang3hu1. Not the person of tipple tea, especially early morning is hollow drink tea, Fall in love with the sea

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Appear more easily afore-mentioned symptoms. This is called tea is drunk, once appear tea drunk phenomenon, the mouth contains candy or can drink some of syrup to alleviate. For relative youth, the intestines and stomach of the old person is more flimsy, those who suffer from ulcer of stomach, duodenum is medium old peopleShanghai Long Feng forum

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More unfavorable and hollow drink tea, especially strong tea. Because cross much tannic acid to be able to stimulate gastric bowel mucous membrane, bring about illness accentuation thereby, some still can cause indigestion or constipation.

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