” teacup head ” transplanting tesla is dynamoelectric the car will come on stage formally at 19 years of summers

According to the latest news that IGN place provides, the movement of style of hand draw picture that Studio MDHR develops shoots play ” teacup head ” announced to be able to have been in recently upper reaches of motor-car of a few tesla report plays definitive. Tesla predicts this year the summer issues Model 3, Model S and Model X to roll out for the banner ” teacup head ” game. Presiding apparitor Elon Musk expresses tesla: “At present developer people undertaking hard ” teacup head ” transplanting works, look in me, this is a style very cruel but extremely difficult game. Although draw wind to go up to rise from which very the style that resembles Dishini, but game clue is very dark however. ” developer expresses: “When tesla company expressed the desire that wants cooperation, we feel special excitement, presiding apparitor Elon Musk also became even tesla now ” teacup head ” vermicelli made from bean starch. Must say, the company cooperation that can be full of innovation sex so with tesla is once in a blue moon meddlesome. We also hope to be able to lade on board this game, because this perhaps is met,Rangtesila adds cruel on product cruel, but be being controlled and need to do a few more careful preparation works on frame number. ” tesla predicts to had issued Model 3, Model S and Model X to roll out for the banner ” Atari game closes market ” , the player can use USB connective game handle has play with indication screen. Tesla company also will be in the summer is rolled out for the Model 3 below the banner, Model S and Model X this year ” teacup head ” game.

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