” anthem ” new newer patch moves to hide repair game new Bug except Yi Li Sibao

Before a many month, ” anthem ” added special captured equipment box ” Yi Li Sibao hides ” , and the government was in however recently newest in updating, move except this booty box, let many players sense disappointment and perplexity. This ” anthem ” rehabilitate of 1.1.1 newer patches a few small Bug in game, include the wrong repair that equipment numerical value shows among them. This patch still informs the player is used as soon as possible ” Yi Li Sibao hides the key ” , avoid this spoils of war box gets offline the loss that causes. A player expresses: “I go up everyday now the line hides award to obtain Yi Li Sibao namely, this also is I can play the main reason below all the time. The government should get offline now this booty box, my fun may a lot of less. ” nevertheless ” anthem ” community manager expresses, originally ” Yi Li Sibao hides ” it is a booty case that creates temporarily, because of the challenge content be closely bound up of it and game, do not live prospective players or the opportunity sees it. In addition, the government still expresses to develop a group to adding new content for game at present, still ask a player to continue to pay close attention to our follow-up story.

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