” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” join hand of novice play handgrip to teach you to play game

Game of homebred and free politic stand-alone ” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” go up oneself since wearing Steam, got many players reputably, but the game system that at the same time also many players show this game is too complex, chilly to rookie player. And the group that make is right also this made feedback, go up line ” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” novice play, handgrip hand teachs you to play game. The government still expresses, if be in,all previous does not understand via still having when novice tutorial, can be on the right side of page of description of game root catalog, community, community game manual find novice tutorial documentation, the player can understand play details somewhat after be read carefully. Besides, game still updated the athletic effect that begins an interface and background. Annals of China the Three Kingdoms is the stand-alone strategy that a when develop development by domestic folk group free, code drives a source game of the Three Kingdoms. Game does not contain any commercial character, the hope can make a dream of the Three Kingdoms that belongs to his for lover of broad the Three Kingdoms.

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