Will be the Daluxi that pass a surname landed ” is true person hit quickly 11 ” see oneself by dismemberment very bright?

January 17 is the plan is medium ” Kommunity Reveal ” activity, namely ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” news briefing. Appear nevertheless information of a few detail had been divulged ahead of schedule. Reddit netizen Eon95 was announced so-called be ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” game cover, still disclosed more detail content, the part Sonya Blade that includes home of MMA female fistfight to will be acted in game. Eon95 disclosed to media ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” the plan is in the news that announced on Kommunity Reveal activity on January 17, according to divulging, dragon of home of MMA female fistfight amounts to · Lu Xi (Ronda Rousey) dub of Sonya of role of arms of female special type will is in game. Whether can the feature turn dragon into Da Luxi’s about as to the appearance of Sonya, return unknown at present. Of course, this one information can be a hearsay only, return what did not get official channel to confirm. Nevertheless Eon95 offerred game check scheme and the internal postal matter that come from NetherRealm atelier to have evidence, and the game cover picture of Eon95 has been confirmed, the information that so Long Dalu of home of MMA female fistfight joins in on the west should also pretty close. Fortunately, ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” players do not need to wait too long can be informed particular case, be apart from the activity January 17 to begin formally to still have 5 days now, we will see dragon amounts to · Lu Xi to whether can appear in very quickly ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” medium. Kommunity Reveal activity predicts to begin formally on January 17, the explanation may be announced a few new those who join gues-star a part, ask everybody to hold attention. ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” predict to land PC, PS4 formally on April 23, xbox One and Switch platform.

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