Ren Tiantang EShop holds to purchase in advance not to grant court of the Europe on refund strategy the accused

Because hold the post of the EShop of heaven to cannot cancel later in purchase in advance, at present the European Union is opposite the lawful sex of this one clause and Ren Tiantang litigate. Although Ren Tiantang is accused before this,had won a lot of lawsuit, but this they will serve as the accused, face the accusation of the European Union. Disclose according to German media Pressfire, norwegian consumer society is sueing the department of Ren Tiantang Europe that is located in Germany, the refund provision that shape announces its EShop is illegimate. Do not grant in game of digital store purchase in advance the practice of refund actually players already not unfamiliar, but very few somebody thinks this thing is illegimate. In fact this clause also was not hiding the truth from consumer intentionally. The refund item that digital edition consumes introduced in detail in page of the support after Ren Tiantang’s carry out, write clearly among them: “The goods that we cannot buy for the mistake has refund or exchange. ” if you spend what time reads them technically,buy an item, also can discover: “Unless by Ren Tiantang accredit or the requirement in applicable law fall, the disbursement that undertakes through store service entirely otherwise (include purchase in advance and subscription charge) it is final, cannot of exchange a purchase, product also cannot go back or exchange. ” but not be place desire can think after saying to mention expressly in the clause for, if clausal itself is illegimate, so the clause does not get legal protection. In Feburary 2018 the portion is controlled, norwegian consumer society ever published open letter to ministry of Ren Tiantang Europe, think Ren Tiantang disobeyed consumer rights and interests to protect the 16th of the law. Their reason is, if the content of purchase in advance has not extended, so law asks with respect to the refund that does not have reason to allow a businessman to reject consumer. That is to say, after cost paying purchase in advance in the player, in this game before official put on sale, the player should have power demand refund. To this, ren Tiantang’s response is: “Hold the post of what heaven EShop is in Europe to manage abided by European area completely each law about consumer rights and interests. ” apparent, norwegian disappear assist do not plan to stop at this point, the form that they choose to pass legal lawsuit will argue well purchase in advance answer to should not support refund after all. If Ren Tiantang loses a lawsuit, so the follow-up of generation is affected may very broad, can affect not only assume a post the digital product sale of heaven, and the likelihood also can make the digital game platform such as Suo Ni, Microsoft, Steam undertake be modificationed accordingly to his clause.

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