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In ran when, if carry momentum is too big, perhaps exert oneself to do sth. undeserved, may cause the symptom with painful knee, do not continue to run again when knee is painful, should stop rest, or slowly walk ahead, if compare serious, the method that should use cold compress will alleviate, can undertake checking to the hospital, be in at ordinary times ran when should prevent knee occurrence problem, want to control the carry momentum of ran, want to adjust attitude to wait a moment.

Ran ran knee is painful how to do

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1.Control runs quantityNeed to increase in you every time run when measuring, you should learn to experience the body to give your signal, experience when youFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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When the body is tired, go up not forcedly, after waiting for the body to restore, go again. The body is tired ran drives like exhaustion same, give an accident very easily, becauseNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Tired when can become poor to the control when pace and be born. Wallop of tiredder meniscus susceptive jumps over muscle big, should exceed amortize limits to be able to harm femurForum of Shanghai night net

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Ran ran knee is painful how to do

2.Adjust ran gesture

The niche that should dominate good base be born above all is in as far as possible of knee lower part, if the position of crural be born is before knee, can cause knee joint unbend, so quite large area pounds master piece to be used in knee joint, cause an effect to its, and of knee bend moderately will have wonderful amortize effect. The core that is crural ministry be born next had better drop in be opposite beetle-crusher foot and the chela control position between 2 toe. This position is leg ministry reasonable permutation place getting power. In addition, notice the stability of the body even. Ran when, do not want the left and right sides to shake. Should know knee front bears the capability of weight is the strongest.

Ran ran knee is painful how to do

3.Ran around should take seriously drawing and loosen

Before ran not the articulatory bursa of the position such as the word knee joint of warm up has not secreted lubricating fluid, open the word body that run to had not entered athletic state directly, this is equal to a machine not to add lube to run directly, very big to the harm of knee. The warm up before running and the drawing after running are euqally important. After running no matter your body has many tired, must remember drawing, scientific drawing can restore to muscle and growing is the help is very great.

4.Strengthen articulatory nutrition

The reason of articulatory ache, it is motion causes cartilage to wear away, when motion, cartilage is equivalent to buffer zone in joint, if buffer zone attenuates, it is to do not have even, joint and articulatory and direct attrition can produce keenly feel. Need those who notice articulatory nutrition to absorb at ordinary times. Articulatory nutriment — element of ammoniac candy, cartilage is indispensable. Both can repair damage cartilage.

5. puts apply on the ice

Putting apply on the ice is to be able to make bureauForum of Shanghai night net

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Ministry blood-vessel gets systole, reduce haemal circulation, lower metabolic rate of the organization thereby, restrain the happening of inflammation. In ran occurrence knee aches, can use knee glacial applyShanghai night net

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means will alleviate. Towel or ice cube of polybag wrap up can be used when putting apply on the ice, or it is the towel apply that puts dip on the ice water too is in in knee, notice time shoulds not be too long.

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